Value Chains


...mandated to succeed

The evision-LGI (Life Guide Initiative) is a platform that provides Life Coaching Programs (LCP’s), targeted at equipping young minds in secondary and tertiary institutions with proven principles and guidelines for successful living.


...raising the standard, building the nation

A teacher, in the crystal sense, is one who aids others to discover the potentials embedded in them and guide them towards exploiting and channeling these potentials first to their benefits and then the society.


...enhancing possibilities

Organizations and businesses, world over, differ from one another on a continuum of success to failure due to one principal factor:


evision-SmartKID them in the way they should go

“There are no such things as learning disability but only teaching disability, which is the inability of a teacher to know a child’s learning methods”


...Clarity and Synergy

evision-eventCRAFT is a creative event management brand that soars on the reputation of its ability to consistently deliver outstanding results


....think forward!

evision-MediaWORKS is the media training arm of evisiondatamind international limited.


...reaching out with love in hands

This is our Homes, Orphanages and Prisons Education (HOPE) Foundation.