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Organizations and businesses, world over, differ from one another on a continuum of success to failure due to one principal factor: The quality of its workforce or people within its organizational system. Hence, no organization or business can perform, produce, grow and succeed beyond the capacity of its human resources.

evisionEQUIP via its well seasoned team, is committed to providing the following services with proactive zest and professionalism:

Business Activation and Consolidation Trainings – These are high impact trainings strategically developed and organized to empower “Businesspeople” and Intrapreneurs to create and recreate a 180 degrees experience in their work and businesses, thereby guiding them through an understanding of concepts and perspectives necessary for building global brands with sustainable growth patterns.

Performance Enhancement Programs (PEP’s) – Our team, after rigorous research and development, organize and execute custom-tailored capacity development and peak performance programmes, targeted at enabling organizations accomplish their purpose and realize better results by developing high-performance work teams. The aim is to empower ordinary employees to become extra-ordinary performers and producers.

Fit-For-Purpose Employee Sourcing – As education standards plummet, so is the quality of their products, thereby presenting organizations with a major challenge of sourcing reliable workforce to handle their complex operations. However, there are still those who can distinguish themselves per excellence. This is where we come in. We have developed on-point systemic programs to identify high-end candidates for any organization. The evisionEQUIP facilitates the appropriate shortlisting of qualified applicants for any job position required. Even if it’s just one person you want to hire, our program helps bring out a fit-for-purpose personnel for you.

Smartability Testing – There’s a huge difference between working smart and working hard. The difference is in cost, efficiency and excellence. The evisionEQUIP team has developed smart test questions that will improve the SQ – Smartability Quotient of your workforce. It involves both oral and written testing of employee smartability. This program does not seek to identify losers, but to inspire a smart workforce for your organization. Let us know when you need us so we can schedule a smartability program for your organization.

evisionEQUIP offers additional services, which include:

Developing an industrial relations framework for your organization.

Development and Maintenance of Solid Employee Procedure and Policies Handbook.

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