…Clarity and Synergy

evision-eventCRAFT is a creative event management brand that soars on the reputation of its ability to consistently deliver outstanding results for a diverse range of clients requiring an extra touch of elegance and perfection in the audio-visual media, lighting, stage set and technical aspects of their events.

To achieve this, we employ our extensive experience in Stage Setting, Hiring and Assembling of Audiovisual Equipment to create an atmosphere that makes your event a memorable moment in time.

Working in partnership with you, we’ll take the time to truly understand your Audiovisual, multimedia and event management needs and help you to achieve exactly what fulfilment you desire. We’re approachable, straight-talking and proactive, which is why our customers come back to us again and again.

In order to deliver on our promise we have the capacity to offer the following:

Audiovisual Hire

We can supply a wide variety of AV hire solutions for your event ranging from small multimedia projector hire to large-scale 3D and daylight projector hire. We also hire professional HD cameras and camera drones for wide view coverage. We stock Projectors, Electronic whiteboards, large LED Screens and all the control that goes with them. If powerpoint/keynote is required our trained technicians can assist with your presentations. We also have media servers to run multiple projection presentations and Live camera feeds.

Sound Reinforcement System Hire

Our PA system hire service can cater for any event, be it a small PA rental for a conference or a full audio hire package for a festival. We have Sound Systems for Indoor and Outdoor use, such as can cater for less than a 100 people to more than 20,000 people, all depending upon the size of your venue. We can supply Radio mics for your conference speakers and all the equipment needed for a complete band to an orchestra. The right size system for the Job is normally calculated on the size of the venue and the number of guests expected. We will work with you on getting the best sound for your event.

Event Lighting

With our large stock of stage lighting for hire, your lighting requirements can be achieved with stunning results.

Lighting your event is very important in creating the right ambience. At evisioneventCRAFT, we carry numerous intelligent and generic lighting fixtures to create a colourful and impressive atmosphere. We carry a huge selection of LED fixtures which means that we can work with limited power supplies.

If your desire is to have an outdoor event with a need for an outstanding stage set, we have what it takes to bring out your indoor beautiful stage works to the open by providing a rigging type mobile stage platform with best in class decorations and lighting fixtures.

Markets Served

Specifically set up to provide a better way for worship centres, professional engineers and owners to achieve their performance objectives regarding sound, visuals, lighting and aesthetics, we enjoy working with people on a wide variety of projects including:
  • Church Facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Event Centers
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Governmental Facilities
  • Outdoor Performance Facilities
  • Corporate Campuses

Working With Us

evision-eventCraft, unlike every other audio-visual workers, has a responsibility only to our client to ensure available information is deciphered and processed which can affect the sound, light and audio-visual outcome of a space. We often aid in selecting the types of cost-effective audio gears conducive to good sound propagation as well as the interaction between the event environment’s acoustical property and the technology integrated within the space.

Our process of reviewing both existing and newly proposed strategy for issues which can affect performance is very detailed and ranges from construction methods to electrical infrastructure requirements.

Many believe that buying expensive audiovisual equipment is the most important thing when it comes to properly integrated sound and media technologies; experience have shown that position to be untrue. We have proven that the integration of technology, its proper placement, and the acoustical environment have much more to do with a successful Audio-Visual portion of that facility than the specific components chosen.
 Working with evision-MediaWORKS is always a very pleasant and enlightening experience for many. We also enjoy working to educate our customers along the way so the decisions ultimately made are the correct ones. The technology along with the experience we use to accomplish these results is nothing to be compared with!

Since each client and each project is unique, requiring its own unique approach, our staff remains highly involved with a vast number of techniques and technologies in a number of these services.

  • Audio System Calibration
  • Media Streaming Solutions
  • Third Party Proposal Review
  • Sound Reinforcement Design
  • Sound Reinforcement System Set-up
  • Sound Project Testing/Commissioning
  • Audio-Visual and Multi-Media System Design
  • Lighting Design, Implementation and Management
  • Music and Audio Project Management and Oversight
For Creativity, Variety, Exceptional Excellence and Fantastic Prices, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements whether it be a Conference, Exhibition or Live Event.