...raising the standard, building the nation

A teacher, in the crystal sense, is one who aids others to discover the potentials embedded in them and guide them towards exploiting and channeling these potentials first to their benefits and then the society. Teaching is more than a job; being a teacher is, therefore, more than having a job to dispense knowledge. Teaching is a calling, teaching is a vision. This vision involves the onerous task of leading minds from the depths of ambiguity to the surface of clarity; it therefore, becomes imperative that they (teachers) be up to date with the necessary expertise and know-how for achieving these auspicious tasks. That is the reason for the birth of the great Teachers Education Network – gTEN. evision-gTEN is our frontline teacher’s educational and motivational and support platform. The gTEN has been structured to provide opportunities for schools and teachers to unite around the world. This will include an opportunity provided for teachers to enroll for e-classes that will expose them to academic curriculum that are in tune with current realities through collaboration with others in a global network. The focus of schooling, teaching and learning has moved from preparing students to write exams to preparing them for a life of global impact. Our vision is bigger than a four-walled classroom. We let teachers do greater things.


Annual talk-show, seminars and conferences for teachers and other delegates from schools with resource persons drawn globally to bring to teachers, contemporary issues on teaching and national development such as:


Annual Awards of excellence to high performing teachers, students and other players in this noble opportunity.

This is intended to be modelled after the Oscars, AMAA and the likes with press coverage nationally and internationally.

The broad purpose of the gTEN is to contribute to educational development as a means to fostering the spirit of nation-building.

evision-gTEN takes a nation building view to teacher development and the imperatives of such calling by designing programs that help the teacher to think nation building in all their activities.

The core purpose of the forum is to create a platform through which all stakeholders – governments, individuals, academics, educational institutions, corporations and non-profit organizations – come as a collective whole to develop and demonstrate real-world solutions that are practical and sustainable to education and national development.


To achieve the above purposes, our aims are: