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evision-MediaWORKS is the media training arm of evisiondatamind international limited. The team is made up of dedicated professional consultants in musicology and music technology, audio engineering as well as studio works, video and multimedia engineering. For all these, we have trained professionals suitable for each task, whether it be digital or analog mixing in a single church auditorium, or multi-hall sound source distribution in a school setup, evisionMediaworks have hands on ground for that. We feel this concept benefits our clients having the ability to draw on the experience of many with a varying degree of expertise across the wide field of sound and music technology.

Why Train?

While on-the-job experience alone was sufficient to make one an expert in the craft of live sound in the ’70s, today technical training is necessary in order to become a true sound reinforcement professional. And yet, though the state of the art has become quite technically sophisticated, high-level professional education in sound reinforcement is still in surprisingly short supply. Even at the university level, it is extremely difficult to find comprehensive curricula in the theory and practice of modern sound reinforcement. At evisiondatamind, our hands-on training workshops give you practical experience of digital audio and audio-visual media tools and techniques. We offer regular workshops and tailor-made training sessions. So whatever your training needs, we’ve got a solution to suit you. We follow a learning-by-doing approach to training.


In its early years, sound reinforcement was often an adhoc pursuit. Approximation was a primary method, system setup and tuning were done by eye and ear alone, and less than stellar sound quality was accepted because no one could offer anything better. In the last 25 years things have changed. Today, measurement is a standard part of sound system setup, computer technology is used in everything from system design to signal path, and sound systems have grown in complexity to encompass hundreds of input channels, dozens of output channels, and precisely aimed arrays hung high in the air.

If you’re looking for something a little bit special, we can create a tailor-made training workshop that is an exact fit for your organization’s requirements. Choosing a tailor-made workshop, guarantees that the content of the training session is relevant to your organization’s work and maximizes your investment in time and money as effectively as possible.

Our ‘MORE THAN SOUND – (MTS)’ seminars educate audio professionals from rental companies, event venues, production companies, worship centers etc in

Our Sound training seminars are hard-core, intensive courses of cutting-edge techniques and electronic and acoustical fundamentals. evision-MediaWorks seminars operate from the perspective that high technology is always built from basic concepts. Therefore, first-principle system concepts like phase, proper grounding, gain staging, and polarity are taught, because lack of understanding in these areas can seriously compromise system performance, undermining all of a sound engineer’s technical and creative efforts.
Though grounded in a strong theoretical basis, evisionMediaWorks seminars are oriented towards real-world applications, the realm in which practitioners work.