…training them in the way they should go

“There are no such things as learning disability but only teaching disability, which is the inability of a teacher to know a child’s learning methods”….. “For God did not create stupid people; our educational system did” – Robert Kiyosaki.
The evision-SmartKID creates a safe environment for elementary, middle, and high school students to learn beyond their cognitive experience, by providing opportunities for psychomotor, affective and pneuma development. The SmartKID program provides participants, using cutting edge educational technology with opportunities for academic support, educational software applications, computer and information technology exposure, summer camps, symposiums, special projects and field trips. Included in the program are organized quiz challenge in expanded form from the spiritual to the scientific and the likes. We work with different schools to create a knowledge sharing opportunity in child care development.
Through our Be-The-Change (BTC) Network, We also establish platforms for one-on-one relationships with individual students in order to support them overcome obstacles to success in school via Counselling and Guidance. We provide individual counseling or support groups, basic life skills, tutoring, mentoring or enrichment opportunities — whatever it takes to help a child be successful in life. Our believe is that there is no such thing as learning disability. What that mean is that we create a service and learning plan based on each child’s needs and then make that plan happen. The goal of all these services is to re-engage students into closing the gap between school and real life activities and provide the vision for a more productive life.
SmartKids provides an Early Childhood Education platform that engenders parental participation as it is structured to boost parents’ ability and confidence in supporting their children’s literacy, emotional and spiritual needs at home, in school and in life.